RMR Testing

Find Your Exact Caloric Needs

The machine reads your O2 and CO2 exchanges, telling us exactly how many calories you are burning!

Adjust your daily calories based on each day!


Private Personal Training Sessions

All commercial equipment with everything you need to get your best workout ever!

Sessions in our large 3200 square foot private studio offers the privacy you crave along with the instructions of an industry expert! Click here to see JRT Fit's Website.

I charge by the hour (sessions are typically one hour), within the range of $65-$70 depending on your weekly commitment. Click the "Book an appointment now" button above to see your options and sign up today!

Sessions can be rescheduled (rather than forfeited) in the case of vacations or personal / family emergencies. Monthly charges are calculated based on the number of sessions that will occur in a four-week period -- meaning that occasionally an extra session can fit into the month free of charge. Absolutely no add-ons or hidden fees.

Have you tried personal training only to get beat up so badly that you couldn't move for a week? That's not the best way to start things off, which is why I start with a very comprehensive evaluation. I observe how your body reacts during six exercises. I take what we learn and create a unique program for your needs; it will challenge you but not hurt you. Using my special J-Range method we will also ensure that your joints will not suffer... something no other training method offers!