Personal trainers! Learn how to elevate your training from one of the top industry experts, Sean Johnson - a fellow with the National Board of Fitness Examiners


Implement new exercises and science-backed theories, challenge the status quo, impress your clients with the most challenging certification in the industry!

What you will learn;

  • A deeper understanding of applied physiology
  • How to assess muscle imbalances
  • Methods that rebalance imbalances
  • Why periodization is superior to "muscle confusion"
  • How to evaluate the safety against the efficacy of every exercise
  • A new scientific approach to training
  • Where, when, and how to palpate for assessment purposes
  • How to turn most of your assessments into clients
  • How to build a lucrative training business outside of a membership-driven gym
  • How to make more money than what 99% of trainers make
  • What marketing things NOT to do... as well as your best options

A J-Range trainer is an expert in; 

  • Exercise anatomy 
  • Applied physiology & exercise microbiology
  • Basic nerve paths
  • Progression training
  • Applying the J-Range method of training on clientele
  • How to build a lucrative personal training business

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Improve your clients results while decreasing their risk of injury

Learn each point to look at for every exercise (more than 25 on DB bench press for optimal results & safety)